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Apr 22, 2013
Modeling Agencies in Nepal
 There are growing numbers of Modeling Agencies in Nepal. But, only few of them are able to address the modeling management needs in Nepal. To cater to the changing face of Nepalese modeling industry, all modeling agencies need to deliver the best modeling management practices. By considering this fact, we established Nepali Model Agency which aims to upshot Nepalese Modeling Industry to the international stand.
Back then, man in Nepalese glamour industry used to think that modeling is just a part time job and is unable to support the lives of individuals. But the scenario has entirely changed these days. Now, the modeling career has metamorphosed into one of the most rewarding and sought after career options in Nepal. Modeling is now one of the most fascinating career options in glamour world of Nepal. In fact, there has been a fabulous boost in the Nepalese ad industry with the expansion of consumerism and media. And many youths consider modeling as an attractive career option. Modeling is also considered as a gateway for entering into the national and international film industry. So, Modeling Agencies in Nepal need to understand and develop this sector considering the global modeling scenario.
Nepali Model Agency is incorporated with the mission to uncover the talents of aspiring models and fulfill the requirements of various renowned advertising agencies and corporate production houses while also proving career opportunities in Fashion and Film Industries. Nepali Model Agency is one of the pioneer modeling agencies in Nepal.
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